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Welcome to 2023! Last year, 2022, we had our biggest impact yet, and I am so grateful to all our subscribers for making this possible.

If you are one of our community compost subscribers then by now you have received our end of year letter and your report card. Thank you so much for your support and participation. Your report card is proof that every little bit counts, and shows how quickly little adjustments to your lifestyle can add up to HUGE impacts on our environment!

Let it Rot composted 82,711 pounds of organic waste this year. This is 30,000 pounds more than we did last year! Our continued growth is thanks to you! Our goal since getting started in 2015 has always been to positively impact our environment and teach and empower others to do the same! We feel so successful this year and we couldn't have done it without you!

We like to think of Let it Rot as a cooperative movement, not just a business. We believe composting should be a municipal service. We know how hard composting is and how unrealistic doing it all yourself can be. But working together we can alleviate some of the hard labor and share in the benefits. This would not be a working model if it wasn't for all the sorting and collecting our subscribers do. Thank you so much for your dedication.

Last year we had a largest impact yet! Our impact in 2021 was over 56,000 pounds diverted! With over 80,000 pounds of garbage collected in 2022, we are projected to hit six digit figures this year! It is so rewarding to realize how much of an impact we can actually have when we all participate with a shared sense of responsibility to the planet!

We diverted over a quarter of a million pounds of carbon dioxide and methane emissions in 2022 with our collection route. That is like planting 2,357 trees in an old growth forest, and letting them grow for 10 years! Or not driving for 353,875 miles! For some of us that's more than 10 years worth of wear and tear on a vehicle! Our impact energy wise is the same as if 20% of America didn't charge their cellphones one day!

Thank you again for your continued participation and support! We are so inspired going into 2023 and we hope you all are too!

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