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Drop Off

The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach has sent representatives to all our business partners threatening them with accusations of operating illegal transfer stations.  

Solid Waste Authority says they own all the trash in Palm Beach County and Let it Rot is stealing from them. Because of this we have had to cancel most of our services.

We have a very limited drop off schedule starting September 2023, with future availability based on popularity. Please call or text us at (561) 287-0406 to find out where and when to drop off your compost. 

Schedule a Pick Up

Want to compost all that rotten food that you just cleaned out of your fridge? Maybe you had a party with more leftovers than you know what to do with? 

Tell us a little more about how much and what you would like us to compost for you and when you would like to have us come get it and turn it into worm food! Only 50 cents a pound, 10 pound minimum for pick up services.

Text the Squirmy Hotline if you need an immediate response!

561 287 0406



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