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Worm Tea

There are an infinite number of ways to make compost teas for a more organic and natural way of gardening. The two main categories are Aerobic and Anaerobic. This simply means with oxygen and without oxygen. Generally both brews have an abundance of microorganisms that will benefit your garden in different ways. Here at Let it Rot we make and sell Worm Tea which is Aerobic brew, harder to make from scratch but safer and easier to use on all your plants than any anaerobic brew is.

Worm Tea is a living microbial extraction of the beneficial microbes that live in an earthworm's digestive system. It is 1000 to 1000000 times more potent than worm castings because of how it is made, (my recipe requires a 4 day minimum brew time and constant oxygenation). That makes worm tea an ULTRA CONCENTRATE.

Because this product is a living brew it has a very short shelf life. Products that claim to be worm tea that are shelf stable PLEASE BE WEARY OF. The high numbers of microbial population are not sustainable, and even when freeze dried, are not as easy to reanimate meaning your concentration is miniscule compared to a brew of freshly made tea like the one we make every week at Caribbean Plants and Produce. That's right, we start a fresh brew every week which is at full strength and ready for use by Saturday-every weekend (just in time for that new garden project you have).

As a living brew and microbial probiotic you can expect worm tea to work like a fertilizer and a pesticide in your garden, although it is truly neither. By adding the beneficial microbes to your soil, your plants are able to increase their over health and metabolic functions, making them better equipped to survive in your garden. It works even better in conjunction with fertilizer as the microbes it carries makes nutrients more available to your plants. It is also filled with macronutrients. Our worm tea is pH neutral making it safe to use as a foliar application as well. Which is a great way to fight against pests like aphids, mealy, whitefly, and scale. Tea is always available by special order but we also have it ready for use and availabe to purchase every Saturday through Monday at Caribbean Plants and Produce in Loxahatchee Groves. Every Sunday, Mel the Worm Queen is at the market from 10 to 2 to answer questions and explain the best way to use worm tea is your garden!

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