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Are you already composting at home? Have a large property or food forest and want to start using organic waste to improve your soil?  Now you can sign up to be a "CompHost"!


We are currently experiencing some growing pains, and to help alleviate the daily haul of our community compost collection routes, we are offering our daily haul delivered right to you!  Just answer a few questions to help us understand where you are and how you will use the raw materials, then we will contact you about receiving a load.  Each route produces about 15 to 25, 5 gallon buckets, or approximately 200 to 500 pounds of organic waste.  These can be delivered to you for use on your garden/homestead! These must be used within one week of delivery and buckets must be rinsed well before return. You can sign up for re-occuring loads too, just contact us to schedule them! 


If you are interested in this program but are unsure how to use materials or start a compost, for a limited time we are offering you our help (by special request)!  Sign up to receive a load and get our help applying our materials to your homestead or garden, just make sure you have plenty of available "carbons" like mulch and cardboard, for us to use when we get there! Just click here to answer a few questions and wait to hear back from us.

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