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Sunday's at Caribbean Plants and Produce

Come out to Caribbean Plants & Produce Sunday, October 16th, 23rd, 30th, and November 6th and 13th to our retail Worm Tea Pop-Up Sale. The Worm Queen will there answering questions and advising the best way to use worm tea in your garden.  

Tea is $15/gallon for an ultraconcentrate. Add up to 9 gals of distilled, rain, or well water for maintenance or apply at full strength for sad and sick plants.  

Send us a message to preorder yours, as it is first come first serve. 

You can also preorder our soil blends, wormbins, and worm starter kits for pick up from Caribbean, just email or text to place your order


Tropical Spinach Workshop
Friday 12/16 10am to 12pm
Mounts Botanical Garden

In this workshop we learn about tropical spinaches that easy to grow and consume year round in your garden.  We will taste samples of many different species of edible plants while discussing how to raise, propagate, and consume these tropical alternatives to leafy greens. 

We will have samples to interact with and all the species we discuss will be available for purchase.

Tickets are available to members and nonmembers of Mounts Botanical Garden.  

Build-a-Bin Wormbin Workshop

Build your very own bucket worm bin with the Worm Queen!

Join the Worm Queen for her most popular event! Together we will assemble one of Let it Rot’s 5 gallon personal worm composting systems. We will learn everything you need to know about vermiculture, how worms eat, and the benefits the whole process brings.


Go home with your own fully functional and ready to use wormbin and your own colony of approximately 250 red wigglers and african nightcrawlers; capable of composting 3 to 7 pounds of scraps a week almost immediately! Come with nothing and leave with a new outlook on worms and your own squirmy kingdom, plus all the knowledge you need to keep them happy!

Register to reserve your seat and your worms:


C & P Growers, West Palm Beach
10am to 12pm

We have many classes and workshops available for adults and children, if you would like to Host or Book a class please request our class menu to see our offerings.   

We have open availablity through 2023 for bookings!


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