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SWA Trash Service

Since being served in April of 2022 with the first of many cease and desist packages from the Solid Waste Authority and County Commissioners, we have met many residents, business owners, politicians, and community organizers who want to help us continue to work in Palm Beach County. Last month a large group of residents, truckers, and farmers all went to the County Commissioner's meeting and pled our cases; requesting a county wide moratorium on the enforcement of all the citations local farmers, landowners, and business owners have been getting.

Not only did we speak on behalf of Let it Rot but we also has 2 state legislatures at the meeting who spoke on behalf of us as well. Thank you so much to Peggy Gossett-Seidman and Rick Roth for listening to your constituents, serving the people of your state, and helping us small farmers and land owners be protected from government overreach. Rick Roth was especially inspiring to watch confront the board of commissioners.

The way the law is currently written, no trash service entities are allowed to exist in Palm Beach County unless they are a subcontractor approved by the SWA. Let it Rot has been told we will never be an approved subcontractor because we deal in organics. Currently, the two, multibillion dollar (tax payer funded) Waste to Energy trash incinerators have a monopoly on all organic waste. This is enforced by a law called the Flow Code. Unfortunately we have not been able to find anywhere where this law is explained. It is not part of the solid waste integral plan, nor is it included in any of the legal paperwork Let it Rot has been served with. Let it Rot was told that all organic waste is burned for energy in Palm Beach County and that our composting can effect the county's ability to generate power. However, with our impact as little as .00000006% of what the county processes, it is hard to believe there isn't room for both waste management practices in Palm Beach.

After almost a year of struggling with the Solid Waste Authority, and not getting anywhere, we have decided to collect data about Palm Beach County's only trash service and how the residents of Palm Beach County feel about their county enforced trash service. We know Let it Rot only exists because residents of Palm Beach County believe in composting and want to see it happening in our county on a larger scale. As one of the largest agriculture counties in the country, Palm beach residents take pride in their local community and environment, and believe composting is a way to preserve and maintain it's status as one of the most beautiful and agriculture rich counties in the US.

Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey about your experience with the Solid Waste Authority and share any personal complaints, anecdotes, or other relevant experiences with us.

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