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Michelob Ultra

We spent 6 days in Miami last week working hard to make a positive impact with the production company, Shoot Collective. While they filmed a Michelob Ultra commercial we sorted every piece of their trash.

Michelob Ultra has sustainability goals as a company, when starting this project they hired a sustainability manager to make sure this shoot had a small impact. But with a crew of over 150 people and two meals a day served to all of them, sustainable as possible is a tall order. That's where Let it Rot came in and saved the day! Having done shoots in the past, among many other Zero Waste Events, we knew exactly how to help.

So, over 6 days our crew of three, Worm Queen, Henry and Tim, sorted every piece of trash that was generated on site. We sorted through 369 bags of trash and turned them into only 52 bags!

Part of the waste stream was many plastic and aluminum bottles. There were no recycling services onsite, so we had to haul them every evening with the compost to ensure they didn't end up in a landfill! We hauled over 3 cubic yards of recyclables during the shoot, that's more than 3 truckloads!

We ended up sorting 3146 pounds of compostable trash out of the waste stream. As a pick up customer you know we collect our trash in black 5 gallon buckets. We had over 148 buckets to haul! We took them all back to our new headquarters and started out first official compost pile (most of our collection has gone to amending our lands and feeding the worms since we moved this summer)!

Even with all this going on we still managed to work out the kinks in our food order and you can now order food from Caribbean Plants and Produce and our farm right off our website! We had some issues with weights and pricing but should have fixed them all this week, thank you so much for your patience! Don't forget to come see the Worm Queen in person every Sunday 10 to 2 at Caribbean Plants and Produce in Loxahatchee Groves.

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