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Let it Rot Has New Wheels!

Hey, Squirm Squad... we did it! Our compost collection vehicle is repaired and dressed up with an amazing paint job by Jessi Harris of First Wax Tree, LLC.

We couldn't have done this without the support of our pick-up clients and local community! Check out our GoFundMe page as we're still collecting donations in order to insure our truck for the year.

Take a look at more of Jessi's handiwork until you're able to see the truck in person:

Keep your eyes peeled for the squirm-mobile on the road and please share and post any pictures you take of our new compost wagon to help get us trending! If you're not already a subscriber to our compost pick-up service, you can do your part in helping to reduce carbon emissions in our landfills by joining here.

More on the Artist

Jessi Harris, aka WAX, specializes in sustainable design, abstract art and portraits. Her company, First Wax Tree, LLC, is "where art and science meet to achieve their goal for social and environmental efficiency via portraits and line drawings with emphasis on social stigmas." You can see more of her art, and inquire about custom work, by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

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