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Help Support Let it Rot

Want to support a great local, small business focused on worm farming, organic growing, healthy living, zero waste living, and general sustainability? We're accepting donations to help raise money for our growing trash recycling company! We collect residential and commercial plant-based garbage to compost and feed the worms This process provides a nutrient-rich, non-toxic alternative to fertilizer and pesticides! We want to stop the toxic cycle of greenhouse gas emissions being generated in landfills and we think letting worms eat your garbage is the way to do it!

There are also many in our community that don't have the extra funds to participate in our compost collection program but wish to do so. These donations will also help sponsor those individuals.

Donate up to $25 and up and we'll send you stickers, $50 and up and we'll send you a "Let it Rot" shirt of your choice, $100 and up and we'll send you some compost-at-home goodies. Thank you for supporting the Squirm Squad and Mother Earth!

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