Join the Squirm Squad!

Let us recycle your garbage! Turn your plant-based and paper trash into something better... worm food! Depending on the amount of compost you generate, we have a subscription plan to accommodate.

In addition to your first month's charge, there is a one-time $35 supplies fee (+ tax) which is used to purchase your 5-gal collection receptacles, which we provide, clean, track, and replace for you every pickup.  This way we can compost as much as possible without generating additional plastic waste! They have leak-proof lids, which don't let smells out or critters in, just make sure it is snapped on fully!

Once your payment is received and address confirmed, we will contact you for more information on where to leave your bucket and then add you to the next route to receive your container with a letter explaining how to use it, as well as your route pick-up days. Your pledge helps support our farm so we can recycle even more garbage with every sign-up!

Residents north of Tequesta or south of Boynton will incur an additional $5 charge monthly. Our compost collection program is auto-billed monthly. If this is is not desired, please contact us and we can send an invoice monthly for an extra fee. You can also contact us to pre-pay 6 or 12 months for a discount and fewer fees. Monthly billing will include a processing fee.

$10 plan

Up to TWO 5-gal buckets with bi-weekly pickup

$15 Out-of-Area plan

(Currently only accepting Boca, Hobe Sound, & Stuart)

Up to TWO 5-gal buckets with bi-weekly pickup

$20 plan

Up to FOUR 5-gal buckets with weekly pickup

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Palm Beach County & Parts of Martin County

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