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Help Us Fight SWA
We are always in need of extra funds! Have you heard about a grant or award that would be great for us? Let us know!  We have competed for funding in the past and would love to earn more financial support for our growing operation.  

We are currently fundraising for 2 big projects.  We are establishing our first working property as a Bona-fide farm.  This is a lot of work. Materials are expensive and until we get our ag exemption everything must be done to code and permitted.

We also are saving up for our legal journey with the county.  We have been served 7 Cease and Desists by the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County.  We have contacted many lawyers searching for help with our case.  The best rates we have found are still $200 an hour for legal help.  Our case has already gone on for months with no resolve.  We anticipate many more months ahead as we navigate this situation.  Please consider donating to help us with this legal battle ahead. 
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