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Let it Rot has been growing steadily for the last few months! Pumpkin Smash + announcements;

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

If you've been following us behind the scenes, you already know that Let it Rot has been growing steadily for the last few months. Come celebrate at our pumpkin smash & see some of what we've been able to accomplish this summer & fall:

Tickets via Eventbrite

+ We've expanded compost operations from one farm to three! As we continue to add clients to our compost route, the hosting of Let It Rot piles by our partner farms, NuGen International & Urban Growers CDC, has allowed us to grow our capacity to process food waste significantly!

VP of Pest Control Amadeus watching over Henrietta Bridge farm

+Let it Rot is now offering residential compost drop off services at three convenient locations across Palm Beach County.

+We want to invite you to our Pumpkin Smash to celebrate the #squirmsquad and the growing green community in Palm Beach County. We'll give our old pumpkins new life by smashing them into the fields, this is a family-friendly event. We'll have vendors, food, and five whole acres for the kids to explore at our partner farm NuGen International. Tickets here.

Pumpkins at NuGen waiting to be smashed, very generously donated by The Garden Shoppe

+ We are in the very final stages of getting our farm truck painted by a local artist & ready to hit the road to serve the local green community. We couldn't have done it without the incredibly generous support of the #squirmsquad. You are all rockstars, and we are forever grateful for everything you do for the Palm Beach County sustainability community!

+ Let it Rot has a newly redesigned website, Farm Blog, & Events page to share sustainability resources!

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