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Palm Beach County Community Compost

Join the Squirm Squad, over 120 residents of Palm Beach & Martin County already have! Pledge your scraps to the Squirmy Kingdom, only $16 monthly, make a difference with your trash! 


Small Businesses, Offices, Restaraunts

In addition to our residential pick up program, we also service businesses and offices in Palm Beach County. Including, cafes, juicebars, restaurants, country clubs, retail stores, not-for-profits and more!


Zerowaste & Sustainable Events

Plan your next event with its environmental impact in mind, we provide receptacles, hauling, and even staff for compost diversion and carbon footprint minimization.  

Drop Off

If you aren't ready to commit to a pickup subscription you can schedule a one time pick up or bring your compost to one of our compost partners!

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