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Help your plants grow STRONG with Worm Poop! Worm Poop is an ALL NATURAL, alternative to synthetically derived fertilizers. Our worm poop is made over a 6 month period and goes through multiple composting processes to guarantee it's filled with only the BEST STUFF for your garden and plants!


Worm Poop, properly known as Worm Castings, are cured worm manure filled with all the microbes and nutrients your plants need! This stuff is better than traditional fertilizers because not only does it have the nutrients (like carbon, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, etc.) plants need to grow but it is also filled with microbial life! Microbes are the microscopic little workers that help carry and fix nutrients in your plant's roots! It's like a probiotic and vitamin for your plants!


Worm Poop will make your plants healthy! In fact, so healthy that they will even start to fight off common garden pests WITHOUT the use of PESTICIDES! If you are struggling with any specific problems please write to us for custom instructions on how to use for the best results. Did you know that without worms we wouldn't have dirt and without dirt, we wouldn't have food! Get back to growing your garden the ALL NATURAL way with Worm Poop!

Worm Poop

  • Our Worm Poop is PURELY worm castings, we do not dilute it! That means a LITTLE BIT goes a LOOOONNNG WAY! When potting or planting new additions to your indoor or outdoor garden use 20% worm castings to 80% potting soil (or another planting medium). For maintenance on your already established plants, just toss a handful of Worm Poop at the base of your plants and water them into place! Repeat weekly for the best results!

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