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Sustainable Super Bowl

We got an email 2 weeks ago from the Sustainability Manager for a film crew down in Miami begging us for our help! Michelob Ultra is filming their super bowl 2023 commercial at a golf club in Key Biscayne and has sustainability goals as a company to divert as much trash as possible into recyclable and compostable waste streams! This will be the THIRD commercial that we have helped them achieve these goals on!

So far we have already sorted 250 bags of trash and diverted 2,000 pounds of compostable trash from the landfill! We still have 2 days of filming left and will post our finalized Environmental Impact Report when shooting is finished!

We are so grateful for this opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment and this industry and hope to be included in more events in the future! Our current rate for sustainable events is $250 to $600 per meal served for groups of 50 to 250 guests. We have worked street festivals, art shows, and even weddings! Make your next event sustainable by including us!

Our food order is open and we are excited to pack orders this weekend at our weekly Worm Tea pop up sale at Caribbean Plants and Produce every Sunday from 10 to 2. You can order produce, tropical fruits, dry herbs from our Mountain Rose herb collection and all of our garden products, including worms, through our online order, you can find it here. If you are having any problems placing your order please let us know, text us for the fastest response at (561)287-0406.

Because of this commercial and our small staff size currently, we will be rescheduling all WEDNESDAY 12/7 pick ups this week to THURSDAY 12/8. Each person affected will get a text informing them of this change. If you do not get a text do not worry, your pick ups will continue as scheduled.

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