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Sundays at Caribbean Plants and Produce are getting busy!

Mel the Worm Queen hosts a Worm Tea Pop-up Sale every Sunday from 10 to 2pm. This is a great opportunity to order soil, castings, and worms for pick up. Our farm is still being worked on and not open to the public which makes delivery and shipping some of our only options for getting our products to you! But what we are most excited about is the launch of our food order! In partnership with Caribbean Plants and Produce we now offer Sunday pick up or Monday delivery of all the fresh produce available at the market. Ordering is open Monday through Saturday for you to make your a la carte selections. You can check it out and even place an order here!

Worm Tea is an ultraconcentrated (1000 to 1000000 times more potent than castings) liquid extraction. It is made with my proprietary recipe over a period of 4 days to 1 week. During this time it is fed multiple times to manipulate the population of all the beneficial microbes that live in a worms gut and in healthy soils. It must be used within the first three days of purchase to get the best results. After 3 days the populations of microbes return back to normal concentration numbers and the tea just becomes a liquid version of worm castings.

Worm tea is not exactly a fertilizer or a pesticide. It is a probiotic soil Amendment. It benefits the overall health of your plants and brings out the natural pest resistance and growth potential. Microbes like to eat the same things your plants need to eat. When you apply worm tea to your plants the microbes colonize the root systems and work together with your plants to breakdown and make available the nutrients your plants need. You can use it conjunction with other fertilizers to increase it's absorption and decrease the amount you need to use each time.

Worm tea is made weekly and sold by the gallon. It is $15 dollars for each gallon. For plants that seems sick or sad it is best to apply as a root drench at full strength. For regular maintenance you can add up to 9 additional gallons of *nonchlorinated* water, making 10 gallons total. It is pH neutral and safe to apply to your plants foliage, which is highly recommended especially for indoor plants or plants having pest problems. The best time to apply a foliar is after the hottest and brightest part of the day but before sunset.

The best part about worm tea is that it is safe to consume! Use it on all your vegetable plants and fruit trees without hesitation! It is totally safe for pollinator gardens as well and you might even find the occasional butterfly drinking worm tea right off the leaves of your plants!

Stop in and try out worm tea this weekend or view the produce selection in person before deciding to order through the website!

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