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Moringa Seeds

Grow your own Superfood!

Moringa is known as the "Miracle Tree". Its leaves are a complete source of amino acids, making them a staple to any vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based dieters! Use raw leaves in salads, smoothies, and for cooking, or dry them and make a tea or powder to add an extra boost of nutrition to any meal or snack!

Moringa grows well in sandy, degraded soils, and can be harvested year-round. It flowers constantly and the bees love it! It's a great addition to any food forest, garden, or landscape because they are so low maintenance. Seeds will sprout 5 to 14 days after planting and trees can grow up to 16 feet in their first year! Moringa Trees do not grow too large (average height is about 40 feet) and are pruned easily. They tolerate strong winds and drought! Pair with our Worm Poop to get your miracle trees growing fast and strong!

If you are local to Palm Beach County, please contact directly to place an order.

5 seeds: $2.50
(includes shipping)
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