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Compost Tubes

Our compost tubes are the easiest way to start composting your scraps into your garden!  Designed with ease of use in mind, one compost tube can handle a family of 2 to 4 peoples' worth of scraps. 


Using “lasagna” style cold composting, just layer your plant-based food scraps with your paper or dried yard waste scraps. Water with a hose from the top to expedite the decomposition process, sustainable bonus, this helps conserve water by injecting water below the topsoil, reaching your plants faster while preventing evaporation! Compost tubes are black or painted any color for a small additional fee. Delivery or pick-up only.


Add 1/2lb of worms to your garden bed with your compost tube for a regenerative system for an extra $38. We also offer installation for $50! Contact us at the number in the footer to arrange for this purchase.

If you are local to Palm Beach County, please contact directly to place an order.


Black: $35

Custom Color: $42

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Prices above do not include sales tax. Please contact for pick-up options.

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