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Also called sugar corn and pole corn, is a variety of maize grown to eat. 

This corn is grown locally right here in Palm Beach County.  Our sweet corn is non-gmo grown from generations of seed saving by our growers in Belle Glade. 

-pack of 3

Belle Glade Sweet Corn

  • 1/4 pound is about 1 small item.


    IE Carrots are about .3 pounds each so 1 carrot is likely to weigh more than 1/4 pound. This means when you purchase (1) 1/4th it is likely going to be 1 piece of produce and in some cases, like cucumbers or sweet potatoes which are very heavy with water it's less than 1 piece of produce which we do not offer and you will be refunded your purchase price or the price will be put towards larger portions of other items ordered.


    Keep size in mind when purchasing.

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