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You got worms! Your bucket wormbin will allow you to process 3-10 pounds of kitchen scraps a week.


These wormbins are made by hand by the Worm Queen herself out of recycled materials from some of our partners.  The buckets are recovered from local businesses and cleaned, keeping plastic out of the landfill, the lids are ones that are no longer usable for our pick up service, drainage corks are from our collection clients, and all the cardboard, paper, worms, and compost are straight from the farm. 

Your wormbin will come in parts, so must be put together immediately upon arrival to ensure the worms' survival. Your wormbin delivery will come with thorough care instructions written by the Worm Queen. 

Also available is a kids activity kid complete with worms, bedding, eggshell grit, stickers, a magnet, activity pages, and complete instructions.

Worm Bins

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