VP and Director of Pest Management

Squirmy Headquarters Security
Scoping out the Citrus
Does it look like he's kidding?
King of the (trash) Mountain
"Do I get to eat some of that?"
"No, you definitely didn't see me eat a bug."
Someone's Got Secrets
Lifestyles of the Trashy and Famous
"Am I Cute?"
Amadeus, our VP and Director of Pest Management, loves seeing all this compost (even though he swears a lot of this "garbage" is still good enough to eat, and shouldn't get composted yet). Behold the VERY RARE, one-of-a-kind compost wiener-dog in his natural habitat. He is an omnivore and scavenger. You can catch him either hunting small game, foraging for kitchen scraps, or communing with deer in the forest.