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Mexican Dream Herb

(calea ternifolia)

Calea zacatechichi is a medium-sized shrub that is known to increase dreams. Because of this, it is often referred to as the "dream herb". It also is called "bitter grass" because the plant material has an intensely bitter taste. It has been used in folk remedies for thousands of years.

Some people use Mexican Dream Herb to induce psychic dreams, to help remember dreams, and to increase dreaming. In addition, it has also been studied for mental enhancement and sleep.


Use our organic dried leaves for herbal smoking, incense, or into a tea. You can also make your own sachet and keep it under your pillow!

If you are local to Palm Beach County, please contact directly to place an order.

1/4 oz (1-2 doses): $5
1/2 oz (2-4 doses): $7
1 oz   (4-8 doses): $15
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Prices above do not include shipping or sales tax. Please contact for pick-up options.

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